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Keychain scan ready

All our subscription is equipped with this keyring. This keyring contains 2 parts. One side has an animated picture of a similar vehicle and the other part contains a machine-readable QR code. The code directly takes the user to the vehicle's dashboard. It helps the user get/update their vehicle information without any hassle.

Overall health report

The system provides an overall summary of the health of the vehicle. The report is generated based on the existing service record of the vehicle and the manufacturer's recommendation.

Detailed maintenance advice

Dr.Motor also provides detailed service recommendations. It keeps track of the service history of the vehicle and provides further service recommendations which helps to increase the vehicle's lifespan. The service recommendation includes both scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance.

Owner information

The vehicle dashboard also contains owners' information. Once a person scans the QR code on the keychain, it directly takes to the owner's section. This section is intended to help in case the key is lost.

Rapid information update

The information update process is very simple and fast. Once a subscriber submits an updated vehicle report form, the staff will update the information in one business day.



$70 / year

  • 1 vehicle per account
  • Vehicle history report
  • Vehicle maintenance dashboard
  • Keychain scan ready details
  • Free keychain details
  • Multi vehicle dashboard


$140 / year

  • 3 vehicle per account
  • Vehicle history report
  • Vehicle maintenance dashboard
  • Keychain scan ready details
  • Free keychain details
  • Multi vehicle dashboard



  • Replacement keychain
  • Works with standard subscription
  • Works with exclusive subscription
  • Canada wide free delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Dr.Motor make service recommendations?

Dr.Motor uses service recommendation from the vehicle manufacturer and analyze the user vehicle's previous maintenance history. Then it makes recommendations based on the time or mileage of the vehicle. For example: a vehicle's engine oil should be changed every 8000 KM or every 6 months. So if our system does not get any odometer updates from the user, then it will recommend the 6 months time from the last oil change.

2. Are the service recommendations vehicle-specific?

Yes, Dr. Motor's system provides vehicle-specific recommendations. It pulls the vehicle's engine and drives train specifications first before making any service recommendations

3. Why my recent service record is not showing up yet, even though I submitted my details?

Once you have submitted the information, it takes up to 1 business day for the app to process your information. If you don't see an updated profile even after one business day, please contact our office.

4. How does Dr.Motor verify service records?

Dr.Motor always asks for service receipts or vehicle history reports while updating service history. However, the user will also be able to update service records without any receipts. In that case, Dr.Motor will put a (N.V: Not verified) notation before the record.

5. What if I sold my vehicle and want to continue my subscription with my new vehicle

Yes, we can make that happen for you! You ess have to submit a request through our contact form that you have sold your previous vehicle. The transfer process will take around 5 business days to be completed.